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Volcano Digital vaporizer

Volcano Digital Vaporizer For Sale

Regular Price: $599.99

Special Price $534.99

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  • Volcano Digital vaporizer side Volcano Digital vaporizer side
  • Volcano Digital vaporizer Volcano Digital vaporizer
  • Volcano Digital vaporizer balloon bag Volcano Digital vaporizer balloon bag
  • Volcano Digital vaporizer solid valve Volcano Digital vaporizer solid valve
  • Volcano Digital vaporizer easy valve Volcano Digital vaporizer easy valve
  • Volcano Digital vaporizer digital kit Volcano Digital vaporizer digital kit

Volcano Digital Vaporizer For Sale

Vapes With

Quick Overview

fan-generated convection

  Includes Easy Valve Starter Set
    3 Year Warranty
    Large Digital LED Display
    Temperature Selection Screen
    Vapor Bag Delivery System
    Advanced Diaphragm Pump
    Quality German Engineering
    Trusted Name & Proven Design
    Food Safe Aluminum Heating Block
    High Performance Heating Element
    Precise Digital Temperature Control (104° - 446°F)
Volcano Digital Includes:
    1 x Herbal Grinder
    1 x Instruction Manual
    1 x Air Filter Set
    1 x Easy Valve Filing Chamber
    5 x Easy Valve Balloons
    5 x Easy Valve Mouthpieces
    1 x Easy Valve Liquid Pad
    6 x Easy Valve Normal Screens
    3 x Easy Valve Clips
    1 x Cleaning Tool

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $599.99

Special Price $534.99

Regular Price: $599.99

Special Price $534.99


Volcano Digital vaporizer is a high quality desktop vaporizer for sale designed to perfectly vaporize any dry herb material. The vaporizer is made by Storz & Bickel one of the top manufacturers that has had the most award winnings years for the last 10 years of making German vaporizers. This vaporizer uses precise OLED temperature settings to set the temperature within 1 degree increments precise. Volcano Digital vaporizer precisely sets the temperature settings for the best vaping quality no other desktop vaporizer can give you.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Design
Volcano Digital vaporizer has a 8" wide x 7" tall stainless steel frame weighing in at 4 pounds.  The vaporizer has a +/- green buttons to control the large OLED lighting display that shows the current set temperature in green and the current temperature in red. The system comes with a whip-kit that attaches to balloons. The vaporizer is capable of vaping dry herb material as well as concentrates using the oil pad. The herbal chamber is made out of clad ceramic glass and the smart digital temperature control system powers on the heating.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Temperature & Heating
The Volcano Digital vaporizer can control precise temperature settings from 104°F - 446°F (40°C - 230°C). You use the large green +/- arrows to control the temperature to a precise degree. You load the herbs inside the ceramic heating chamber. The 100 watt heater takes around 60 seconds to fully reach its temperature. Within that timeframe your dry material should be pre-heating so you get the most optimal temperature setting.

Volcano Easy Valve vs Solid Valve Kit
Volcano Easy Valve kit is patented technology. This is the default kit that comes with the Volcano digital vaporizer. It isn't as labor intensive and requires no set up time. Everything comes attached. You get 5 different balloons that are 2 feet tall and are made out of polythene material. The Solid valve comes with a custom 10 feet of polythene sheet to make any size balloon.

Volcano Easy Valve Starter Kit
5 Different Balloons comes with the Easy Valve Starter kit. You get 1 liquid pad, normal screen set and a cleaning brush. All you do is attach the balloons on to the volcanos valve top which clicks in. Good thing about the Volcano valves is you can unclick the valve to release the vapor out for inhalation and lock it back in.  The vaporizer kit doesn't require any labor besides cleaning the vaporizer for optimal use. Most people prefer this kit over the solid valve since it is easier to use. There use to be a choice buying the Volcano vaporizer but Storz & Bickel has now created this kit as the one anyone should buy first.

Volcano Solid Valve Kit
Volcano digital vaporizer works well with the solid valve kit. It takes time to set it up and not everyone gets it right. Sometimes there are leaks and holes in the balloons from wrong set up. You get all the materials; 1 mouthpiece, filling chamber for the herbs, normal screen set, liquid pad and cleaing brush. The advantage to this kit is you can always customize the length of the balloon for custom vape sessions. This kit is best for someone that knows what they are doing or if they plan on using it at a party for a bigger balloon bag size.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Performance
Volcano digital vaporizer performs when you load the clad ceramic chamber with your favorite herbs and set the precise OLED temperature settings within the 100 watt smart heating technology. This is the best vaporizer kit to use and takes only 60 seconds to produce any vapor. This vaporizer is the best performing vaporizer in the world.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer For Sale
Volcano Digital vaporizer for sale are the best vaporizer in the world. This desktop vaporizer is made out of the most high quality medical grade and stainless steel housing ever. The vaporizer uses both a solid valve or easy valve kit. Majority of people buy the easy valve kit.  Temperature ranges of 40°C - 230°C (104°F - 446°F) give you plenty of room to have the perfect setting no matter the material viscosity. The vaporizer uses an all ceramic heating chamber that gives you the best vaporization for anyone using this quality vaporizer for sale. Volcano vaporizer has 5 different patented technology and has won multiple awards for being best vaporizer ever. If your looking to buy a quality desktop vaporizer for sale it is the Volcano vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel which is by far the best desktop vaporizer for sale.

Additional Information

Vapes With
Compatibility Dry Herb, Wax
Extra Vaporizer Info No
Vaporizer Type Ballon Bag (Forced-Air), Whip-Style
Dimensions 8" Wide x 7" Tall
Warranty Info 3 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Storz & Bickel

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