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Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer Kit For sale

Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer For Sale

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  • Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer Kit For sale Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer Kit For sale
  • Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer battery Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer battery
  • Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer blutooth setting control Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer blutooth setting control
  • Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer dry herbal chamber built with ceramic glas Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer dry herbal chamber built with ceramic glas
  • Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer white kit with all accessories Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer white kit with all accessories
  • Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer for sale by itself alone slanted to the left a little bit Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer for sale by itself alone slanted to the left a little bit

Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer For Sale

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Vapes WithHerb

Quick Overview

conduction heating

Vaporite Cosmic Features:
- Radiation Conduction Heating
- Blue-Tooth Vape Settings
- Smart Vaping Qaulity
- Glass Vapor Path
- 2200mAH Lithium Ion Battery
- 7 Different Heating Temperatures
- Magnetic Charging
- Quick Heat Up
Vaporite Cosmic Includes:
x1 Dry Herb Vaporizers.
x1 Glass Cooling Chamber.
x1 2200 MAH battery.
x1 Replaceable Battery Powerbank.
x1 USB Cable.

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $139.99

Special Price $132.02


Vaporite Cosmic banner girl

Vaporite Cosmic vaporizer portable pen vaporizer is the superb vaporizer vaping at unmatched levels. Considered for a pen vaporizer, the Vaporite Cosmic vaporizer is the one, and only Blue-tooth controlled vaporizer where no other unit can match the power and fury. It uses extra accessories includes like the water tool adapter filtration, enhancing every experience for any day. It uses a strong leather grip toward the battery base, and has an advanced temperature control system to power the vaporizer.

women using vaporite cosmic app
Vaporite Cosmic Features:
Water filtration is included when you adapt the glass bong-part on to the mouthpiece area using the spaces. This can be filled with water and can easily cool your vapor when pulling the unit.
Temperature Control System - Enables you to set your temperature using a user friendly experience to control the interface so you can select your heating profile.
Bluetooth Technology - Vaporite Cosmic vape pen goes big with Blue-tooth settings. This technology allows you to customize each vaping sessions to the best of your ability.

Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer Design
Design for the Vaporite Cosmic is built using the best grade anodized almuminum, light-weight and portable the Cosmic is 2.5" X 8" x 3". The pocket-style friendly vaporizer allows for a successful grip, handling cautiously as tight as you'd hold a gun. The Convection pen vaporizer fills up to .4 grams of material simply from popping off the lid. Vaporite Cosmic is anti-scratch, and anti-damage proof in case of any accidental fall. No scratches will ever deteriorate that pain coating of the Cosmic.

Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer Temperature & Heating
Vaporite Cosmic vaporizer uses a radiation conduction heating system to effectively vaporize your dry herb material. The Vaporite Cosmic vaporizer uses 7 levels of temperature settings from 320 - 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The different optimal levels are set to optimize the heating depending on the dry herb used to vaporize using quality vapor path without any combustion. You can use the blue-tooth app to control the seven levels to precise heating levels and make your own heating profile.

7 Different Heating Settings
Level 1 (Blue) - 320°F
Level 2 (Blue - Green) - 338°F
Level 3 (Green) - 356°F
Level 4 (Green - Red) - 374°F
Level 5 (Blue - Green - Red) - 392°F
Level 6 (Blue - Red) - 410°F
Level 7 (Red) - 428°F
bluetooth app for vaporite cosmic

Vaporite Cosmic Smart Technology
Vaporite comes with a downloadable app that you use with your smart phone. Synchronize the vaporizer with your smart device to have a personal tracking system, and fully optimize your vaporization sessions.  You can effectively see the battery level when it needs to be charged. You precisely set the temperature levels of 320°F to 428°F. There is a puff counter allowing you to know how many pulls are left for your session based on its history of use. You can set the vaping session to a specific setting that helps centralize your vaping. Vaporite Cosmic is a quality pen vaporizer that uses smart technology and radiation heating to fully vape your dry material without any combustion.

Vaporite Cosmic Battery
The Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer comes with a powerful 2200mAH lithium ion battery that connects up to a 510 magnetic charger to quickly, and easily charge your vaporizer in under 2 hours. Full battery is indicated on the app and gives you around 9 full sessions to use the vaporizer, or 3 continuous hours of it being maxed out to the highest temperature.

Vaporite Cosmic Features
One great feature the Vaporite Cosmic Vape pen comes with is the water tool attachment. It enhances your experience by giving you dense clouds  that taste cool and filter out additional carcinogens. This is one of the most popular accessories people use for a vaporizer pen and the Vaporite Cosmic comes with everything.

Buying Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer For Sale
Vaporite Cosmic is not a cheap vape pen, but rather to say it is a premium vaporizer pen that uses smart technology to vaporize any materials. With 7 different heating levels from 320°F to 428°F you have complete control of the experience. The vaporizer uses 2200mAH battery that charges in 1.5 hours and gives you 3 hours of continuous vaping. It comes with a water tool attachment furthering enhancing your experience to give you the greatest vapor taste with a cool breeze of vapor directly inhaled into your lungs. The Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer is 7" tall and can fit inside your palm, and in your pocket. It comes with a 60 day warranty to protect your investment.

Additional Information

Vapes With Herb
Warranty Info 1 Year warranty
Battery Lithium Ion Battery
Vaporizer Type Handheld
Wax Atomizer Type No
Extra Vaporizer Info Read Vaporite Cosmic directions in order to understand how to use the vaporizer. You should watch the two different video reviews we have about the Vaporite Cosmic vapor pen online. These vaporite cosmic reviews will teach you how to correctly use the vap
Dimensions 2.5" X 8" x 3".
Compatibility Dry Herb
Vape Height(inches) 7"
Manufacturer Vaporite
Battery Power (mAH) 2200mAH
Mouthpiece Materials Borosilicate Glass

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  1. Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer review by (Verified Customer)Sally M on 1/20/2018
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    Customer Service
    Vapor Quality

    I'm so pleased with my Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer!.... I googled the Ultimate Vaporizers experience and found Ultimate Vaporizers. Com!... The site includes a live online chat where I found a baking professional.... They helped me choose the best vaporizer for my own personal budget!...the Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer vaporizes dry materials using Bluetooth technology.... It's perfect cause it has seven temperature settings.... It's easy on the lungs cause it creates a cool smooth vapor not a direct smoke with harsh chemicals like a tobacco filled cigarette....the pro at UV. Com helped me to pic this ferocious vape unit n I'm in love with it!....the shipping was very quick... It only took two days to get to me n when it arrived I went on the live chat and the pros there helped me get all set up! far an excellent vaping experience! I'm gonna give all my friends UltimateVaporizers. Com.... I love your website!

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