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Puffco Plus vaporizer for sale

Puffco Plus Vaporizer For Sale

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  • Puffco Plus vaporizer for sale Puffco Plus vaporizer for sale
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Puffco Plus Vaporizer For Sale

Vapes With Wax

Quick Overview

Puffco Plus Features:
Hands Free 'Sesh Mode' Vaporization
Ceramic Coil-Less Atomizer
Dual Ceramic Rod Bottom Wrapped w/Titanium
Deep Dish Wax-Concentrate Loading (.3g of Wax-Concentrate)
Ceramic Gloss UV Protectant Enamel Exterior
Quick Charging
Isolated Air-Pathway
Advanced 3 Temperature Settings (375°F - 445°F)
Made To Vaporize Different Wax Viscosities
Made In Brooklyn, New York
Pure Flavor No Combustion
Best Wax Pen Reviews
Puffco Plus  Includes:
x1 Puffco Plus vaporizer unit,
x4 cleaning swabs,
x1 replacement chamber with cap,
x1 USB charging cable
x1 instruction booklet

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $99.99

Special Price $89.09


The Puffco Plus wax vape pen is one of the highest quality vaporizers in the world. Puffco Plus only should be used with wax substances and should never be used with liquid concentrates or dry herbs. It is considered one of the best vape pens to buy and is made by one of the most prominent vaporizer companies that exist as Puffco is concentrating on building some of the best vape pens you can possibly by while constructing their parts with the highest quality and using the best mateirals to make these small handheld vape pens that do the work that a vaporizer twice its value can do due to the innovation and the clever thinking of the development team over at Puffco. Making a vape pen that can self-create quality vaporization sessions allowing you to abosrb all the flavor, purity and quality of what a vaporizer can do like the Puffco Plus pen vaporizer.

Quick Guide

Puffco Plus Design
Designed in Brooklyn NY, the patent pending Puffco Pro vape pen was Built in the summer of 2016. the Puffco Plus is one of the newest generation models the company has created. Similar to the Puffco Pro, the Puffco Plus is a more advanced creation and style with better technology but carries the same sleek and trim, ultra-thin dimensions and 'pen flashlight' sleekness as its predecessor. which uses the most valuable atomizers that do the job correctly. With the new construction of the ceramic "cup" atomizer, vaping your waxy concentrates has now become even more powerful when you want to have a quality dabbing session. The innovation of its mouthpiece has also put distance on originality when comparing to the Puffco Pro vape pen.   With the Puffco Plus having a 'dart' under the mouthpiece, this helps you be able to evenly vape with any type of wax to give you maximum air-flow with low draw resistance.

Puffco Plus Performance
A big innovation the Puffco Plus presents is its new styled mouthpiece that prevents any type of clogging when inhaling the vapor up. The Puffco Pro had performance issues when inhaling as the user was limited with certain types of concentrates to where the consumer would get a clogging within the thin dimensions of the mouthpiece which would alter the overall performance of the  Puffco Pro pen vaporizer.

Puffco Plus Coil-less Ceramic Atomizer
The Puffco Plus Atomizer is made with a ceramic-lined chamber which will hold roughly .3g of substances as the bottom of the chamber is ceramic rod wick wrapped with a titanium coil. There are absolutely no plastic parts used. The atomizer is seald off from the heating elmenet integrating within the core of the atomizer.  Having the titanium coil makes it harder to clean underneath that area but will make it a more vaped out session that gives you the best performance of a life-time and overall even vaporization as there will be very little to no residue left when you finish the vapor session. The most important factor is when you have a vape pen that uses a coil-less chamber. The Puffco Plus atomizer system that hots the heating which produces the vapor as the contents are loaded from within the coiless atomizer using a convection heating system which is heated from the outside of the convection heating chamber. This means the vapor path and the vaporization completely is made to where none of the heating and vapor comes in direct contact with the wires or electronics.

Puffco Pro Atomizer Benefits
Coil-less Atomizer System
Isolated Vapor Path
Convection Heating Setup
Large .3g capabity of concentrates
ceramic-lined chamber

The Puffco Plus atomizer is one of the most advanced and best designed atomizers in the world. Constructed, designed and developed in Brooklyn Ny, the Puffco Pro atomizer system is designed to be able to hold over .3g of concentrates while giving you roughly 30 - 55 puffs per load. The extra deep chamber allows you to be able to work with a lot more than normal amounts of concentrates so you can get the best and most effective medication results while being able to share the session with anyone else you'd like to involve within the session.

Puffco Plus Convection Heating
The Puffco Plus wax vape pen uses a convection heating system. Four holes midpoint of the chamber allowing air to enter and pass through for air-flow to create the convection flow that heats the wax where'as the 'dart' setup from the mouthpiece makes part of the convection heating process even and complete and stick into the chamber to where heat is processed down so fresh vapor will go up to the mouthpiece.  

Puffco Plus Mouthpiece
The unique creation of the mouthpiece makes the top of the vaporizer capable of having a low-draw resistance when using the vaporizer. The Mouthpiece unscrews at the top of the vaporizer making it easy to clean and load the chamber.  The Mouthpiece Isolated air-pathway which is refered to as the 'dart' which is centerpieced projecting down into the chamber getting it closer to the botanical om inhalation.  You can use the 'dart' piece ot pick up small pieces of wax substances to load up and place on the atomizer. The dart can also be heating to put toward the sides of the chamber which will help evenly vaporize the substance of the wax botanical.

Puffco Plus Internal Design Structure

This gives you ease of mind to the fact that isolation vapor path will not give out a carcinogenic taste when you want a purity taste of the flavor. Most vapor enthusiast consider this to be the most important factor on how pure the form of vapor is, especially since the Puffco Plus uses convection heating. This is an added incentive especially for any wax or dabbing vapor especially if the vapor pen kit uses an herbal attachment as vaping herbs with a vapor pen solely needs convection heating for it to never produce any type of hot spots, carcinogens or combustion.

Puffco Plus Temperature Control Options
The Puffco Plus uses 3 temperature settings from its advanced configuration and precision to be able to heat up at a desirable temperature for the Puffco to reach acceptable heating settings to give you a proper gauge on how well the session will last.

3 Different Temperature Settings Meant For Different Viscosity Density Using Your Concentrates
Green = Low
Blue = Medium
Red = High

Puffco Plus Battery
The Puffco Plus uses an advanced and powerful battery to be able to reach the 3 precise and specific advanced temperature settings as the Puffco Battery uses an advanced-heavy lithium ion battery which powers up the amount of heat drawn through the isolated vapor path from where you loaded a specific type of viscosity from your collection of concentrates that are used and loaded onto the coiless atomizer.   The Charging process for the Puffco Battery takes around 3 hours which will fully charge the Puffco Plus's battery for you to be able to easily use this vaporizer pen throughout the day for long periods of time. The Puffco Pro uses an Ultra-Fast USB charging device which connects at the bottom of the battery.

Powering On The Puffco Plus Battery
Where the Cloud Icon design is located of the bottom of the battery you will want to push seamlessly five times as a color-coded LED light will brightly display into the cloud to indicate to the consumer that the vaporizer is on and the temperature settings have been activated. Clicking on the Cloud Design four times again will toggle the temperature setting mode. Since there are three temperature settings, each level is indicated with its own color which is marked by blue, green and red LED lights. Pushing the cloud button down will move the temperature settings to LOW (Blue), Medium (GREEN), High (RED).  

Managing The Puffco Pro Temperature Settings
Once you've figured out what LED color to use, push the button once while inhaling and make sure you hold the unit in an upright position when you're usoing it.    

Puffco Pro 'Sesh Mode'
Double tapping the power button turns on the 12 second heating session which is referred by Puffco as the 'sesh mode'. Using 'sesh mode' allows the consumer to have a longer drag, pull or dabbing duration for the session. After 8 seconds, the Puffco Pro will automatically shut down as you'd seamlessly tap the cloud button 5 times to re-activate the heating system to re-kindle and restore the previous vaping session you had prior to activating 'sesh mode'.

Buying The Puffco Plus Vaporizer For Sale
The Puffco Plus Vaporizer for sale on any type of authentic and authorized retailer online that wants to sell a 'Made in The USA' product and be proud to show pride in what they're selling as quality, ease-of-use, performance and style are clearly improved over its original version.  With three different temperature settings, the Puffco Plus is a powerful pen faporizer that's always there for you when you need to use a high quality wax dabbing vaporizer.  The design is sleek, portable, handheld vaporizer device made out of gloss-enamel and UV protectent enamel coating which will last for life and have a perserved and new finish so you always have a pen vaporizer that always looks new.  The Puffco is a vaporizer pen that uses an advanced atomizer set up made out of ceramic-lined materaisl with a ceramic rod bottom wrapped in titanium coil. The coiless atomizer is made to fully vaporize all the wax substance out to where there's never any residue left.  The powerful battery is capable of being charged in under 3 hours and will be there for you throughout the day as it uses an advanced temperature controlled settings to hold 3 different temperature settings which were created to support and vaporize the different thickness, density and viscosity of the wax-concentrates any given consumer has at any time and will adjust accodringly to what the user has to offer the Puffco Plus vaporizer.   

Cleaning The Puffco Pro Wax Vape Pen
Best method to clean out the atomizer once the wax substance has been completely vaped out from the atomizer would be to activate 'sesh mode' and turn the vape pen upside down which you'd lay down a paper towel to allow the residue to drip out from underneath the bottom part of the chamber. Simply wipe the threads on the mouthpiece and clean the connectors located at the bottom of the chamber. Using cottom swabs to finish wiping away any excess residue will work to finish the cleaning process as it is always important to have the Puffco Plus clean and ready to perform at optimal levels.

Replacing Any Puffco Plus Parts
Over time, natural wear and tear on the parts will happen and you will need to replace certain parts for the Puffco Plus.  After 90 use days, replacing the coils is optional but highly recommended to keep the optimal performance up-to-standard and have the Puffco Plus running at the best levels possible.  The Puffco Plus also comes with a 1 year warranty in case anything becomes defective or suddenly stops working.

Puffco Plus Features:
Hands Free 'Sesh Mode' Vaporization
Ceramic Coil-Less Atomizer
Dual Ceramic Rod Bottom Wrapped w/Titanium
Deep Dish Wax-Concentrate Loading (.3g of Wax-Concentrate)
Convection Heating Technology
Ceramic Gloss UV Protectant Enamel Exterior
35 - 55 Pulls On One Single Load
Isolated Air-Pathway
Advanced 3 (375°F - 445°F) Temperature Color LED Lighting System
Made To Vaporize Different Wax Viscosities
Made In Brooklyn, New York
No Combustion, No Charred Taste & Pure-Potent Flavor
2016 High Times Winner 100/100 Rating
Rated Best Wax Pen Vaporizer In The World

Puffco Plus Vaporizer Comes With:
x1 Puffco Plus vaporizer unit,
x4 cleaning swabs,
x1 replacement chamber with cap,
x1 USB charging cable
x1 instruction booklet

Additional Information

Vapes With  Wax
Warranty Info 1 year warranty
Battery Lithium Ion Battery
Vaporizer Type Handheld
Wax Atomizer Type Ceramic Halo, Quartz Rod
Extra Vaporizer Info No
Dimensions No
Compatibility Oil, Wax
Vape Height(inches) 4"
Manufacturer Other Brands
Battery Power (mAH) 1200mAH
Mouthpiece Materials Borosilicate Glass

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