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Hot Box Vaporizer Green Picture

Hot Box Vaporizer For Sale

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  • Hot Box Vaporizer Green Picture Hot Box Vaporizer Green Picture
  • Hot Box Vaporizer Black Hot Box Vaporizer Black
  • Hot Box Vaporizer black with whip Hot Box Vaporizer black with whip
  • Hot Box Vaporizer all colors Hot Box Vaporizer all colors
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Hot Box Vaporizer For Sale

Vapes WithHerb

Quick Overview

hot box convection

Hot Box Features
    Variety of Colors
    Simple to Operate
    Hands Free Connection
    Ceramic Nichrome Heating Element
    5 Year Warranty
Hot Box Accessories
    1 x Glass Wand
    1 x Vinyl Tubing
    1 x Replacement Screens
    1 x Instructions

Availability: Out of stock

Regular Price: $129.09

Special Price $119.09


The Hot Box company has been around for a long time and has created many of the best looking box styled vaporizers in the world like the Hot Box tile vaporizer which utilizes mostly a glass outside structure made out of ceramic and the inside is all Pyrex glass which us the best type of glass components you can use for an all glass vapor path and the most optimal taste and performance. The Delicate but durable vaporizer will vaporize at one single temperature that's is set at the is the most optimal average vaporization set Fahrenheit heating to make the herbal chamber not combust any of the herbal materials despite how hard the user inhales which draws in more air to provide the consumer with more heat in the heating chamber.  The Hot Box vaporizer is an elegant working box-styled vaporizer and very easy to clean and very simple to use, even the most newest comer to vaporizers can figure out how to use the vaporizer, simply by plugging it in, it turns on. If there's any basic desktop vaporizer to buy, the Hot Box is the perfect example of the best type of vaporizer you're going to get. It lacks many features but makes up for it in the quality, heating, performance and most importantly the taste from the vaporization of the Hot Box always out-dues the competition.

Hot Box Vaporizer Design
A simple box-styled vaporizer, it uses a whip which makes it a whip-style vaporizer that's hands-free device. You don't have to touch the vaporizer at all when it is in use in order to use it.  Since the Hot Box is a perfect square with the dimensions 7.00 x 7.00 x 8.25 in, it can practically fit snug like a puzzle in any type of environment it is in. The impressive build of an all ceramic glass vapor makes the weight of it more than the average weight of a desktop vaporizer this size but the weight makes you feel like you own a durable piece of simple technology which expresses everything with the Hot Box desktop vaporizer.  This unit is completely manufactured and built from Orange County California, hand built and very labor intensive make, the Hot Box vaporizes its materials meticulously from the unique square shape, you won't ever feel uneasy when using such a quality box style whip vaporizer.  The Hot Box Whip is made out of glass, the glass wand, to the glass mouthpiece and the glass tipped poker, glass o-ring and it comes with tubing and a screen to go with it to make it an all glass vaporizer. The Hot Box is truly the only fully glass vaporizer in the world and it shows from the performance that glass material is the best as there's never any risk of inhaling carcinogenic materials from plastics, rubber or metal. none of the taste will alter with the Hot Box.

Using The Hot Box Vaporizer
Out of all Desktop Vaporizers ever made, it doesn't come easier to use then the Hot Box desktop vaporizer. The Whip connects straight up into the heating rod and to increase the heating temperature, the pressure you deliver with your inhalation will set up the heating chamber to advance with greater heat as it works off the original one pre-set heating level that seems to work well with any type of herbs. Most people think that a vaporizer with one temperature wouldn't fully work well with herbs with different moisture levels, vapor density and mess the overall performance up however, the Hot Box vaporizer is a prime example of a first-class, all-American vaporizer that will continue to work with anything you put in its way. When you plug the vaporizer in the outlet, you wait about 60 seconds for it to fully heat up, putting the herbs in the wand it can fit around 1.5 grams of fine ground herbs inside the herbal chamber which you screw the wand up with the whip and plug that into the heating rod so you can begin to inhale the vapor as it will be at its optimal temperature in less than 60 seconds.  The Hot Box will continue to stay turned on, there's no auto-lock feature which is actually a great feature loyal Hot Box users appreciate knowing you can sit back, relax and inhale as needed. The Convection heating will push really hot air through the herbal chamber when needed. When you're taking chill breaks between inhalation, the herbs are completely safe, they arent anywhere near the heating chamber so the herbs will never burn, over-heat or have a combustion taste to it since it takes someone to inhale through the glass mouthpiece to output hot air which will blow directly into the herbs and extract the botanical into vapor. That's the great thing about the Hot Box, no matter how long it is plugged in, it will constantly be ready and stay hot safely being encumbered in an all-glass environment, the heating chamber is its own facility and the herbs are outside in the whip, safely awaiting for you to inhale and deliver the hot air to it.  You enjoy a high-quality, flavorful result and taste every time you use the Hot Box vaporizer for sale.

Buying The Hot Box Desktop Vaporizer For Sale
When it comes down to using a high-quality box styled vaporizer that fits into the environment you're surrounded by and makes any setting a beautiful way of vaping, the Hot Box won't let you down. It is the perfect all-American made from Orange County California, assembled by hand, hand-blown glass formulated into a meticulous styled box-shaped vaporizer with perfect 7 inch dimensions the unit will never let you down and never be in your way any time you need a great vaporizer, it is the Hot Box vaporizer that will do the job every time.  The Glass made vaporizer is the perfect vaporizer to use if you don't want any govenor types of limitations, any heating locks or anything in that nature, the Hot Box does not come with those disabilities. It has the ability to adapt to any consumer that wants to vaporize and use 1.5 grams of their herbs to be placed into the wand of the whip and the consumer inhales and draws out hot air through the whip to the wand where the herbs rest and the herbs are safely inside its own herbal chamber far away from the heat which will always be on for the length of time you have the Hot Box plugged in. There's no buttons, dials or anything with the Hot Box. The Hot Box Desktop vaporizer is by far the most basic, all-glass vaporizer. Outside and inside, the Hot Box is made out of pure pyrex glass and ceramic glass making it a pure, carcinogenic-free vaporizer that will never emit any harmful or tainted vapor.

Additional Information

Vapes With Herb
Compatibility Dry Herb
Extra Vaporizer Info No
Vaporizer Type Whip-Style
Dimensions 7.00 x 7.00 x 8.25 in
Warranty Info 5 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Hot Box

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