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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering All Vaporizer Related Questions and Processing Information When Buying Vaporizers For Sale

What Is a Vaporizer?


A vaporizer is a device that heats up to a specific temperature crystallizing your botanical into vapor before the combustion level delivering via direct draw from users inhalation or forced air (Fan Generated)

Benefits Vaping vs Smoking

Vaporizers reduce respiratory damage since carcinogens are filtered and no alternative chemicals are used. Another Benefit is the fact it saves you money, 8.5 grams of dry material per ounce. Do the math on what your cost per gram is and you will see the amount you can possibly save.

Vaporizer Heating

There are different types of technology within a vaporizer. Vaporizers include convection and conduction technology which are two different types of heating. Convection heating is when the vaporizer materials is not in direct contact with the heating element. (Example - herbs on top of ceramic filter, heating element mm's below it as the hot air rises up to vaporize the materials). Conduction heating technology is when material is in direct contact with the heating element. (example - Wax material right on top directly on the heating element.).

Do Vaporizers Have an Odor?

Depending on the type of vaporizer unit you have and its vaporizer heating all depends on the odor level. No matter what, the vapor you inhale dissipates quickly without leaving any trace or odor afterwards like smoke would cause. Vaporizer odor for herbs is minimal to none depending on the quality of the vaporizer. Vaporizer odor for waxes are minimal to none depending on heating quality. Vaporizer for oil are very minimal with slight incense smell quickly dissipating in 3 seconds.

Do I Get a Warranty?

All vaporizers come with a manufacturers warranty. The length of time you may claim your warranty depends on which manufacturer brand you buy. What is replaced in the warranty also depends on the manufacturers warranty. We are not responsible for devices that defect over time, you must go directly through the manufacturer to get your device fixed. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

Forced-Air Vaporizers

Forced-Air vaporizers are typically more expensive than any other type of vaporizers. These high quality vaporizers use an internal fan that blows out hot air into your material to create the perfect vaporization process. This type of vaporizer can force air into a bag, known as balloon bag vaporizers, or force air through a whip, whip-style vaporizers. With a reliable stream of vapor, many of these units have high-technology and different fan settings to control the speed of the heating the blows into your materials to your preference.

Vaporizer Accessories

Vaporizer Screens

Make sure the correct size was included in your accessory package. To change the screen out, pole the screen with a small tool, loading tool or brush tip would work fine. Bending into a concave shape before inserting makes it easier to remove if it is a metal screen. Use the tool to push the screen into the proper position so it can lay flat. Load your materials on top of the screen. Easy whip system use ceramic screens or are separated within its own system to make it easier to remove and clean for new replacement.

What Is a Whip?

The Whip usually come in 3 pieces - mouthpiece, silicone tubing and glass wand. The mouthpiece is where you place your mouth while inhaling the vaporizer. The tubing is usually 3 feet long and is made out of vinyl, or medical grade silicone. This forces the air to travel into your mouth while inhaling. Wand is the most important part, it usually is made out of glass and carries a screen for holding the blends and preventing inhaling any small debris that may travel through the tubing. This part also connects to the heating element on your vaporizer.

Must Have's When Buying A Vaporizer

We have many different add on's and accessories you can additionally buy to enhance your vaporization experience. If there is anything that can help you provide the best vaporization point, it is wise to buy such an accessory that may benefit you greatly. Most vaporizer kits come with everything you need, but there is always something to further enhance the experience such as a water attachment.

When To Replace Balloon/Whip

The mouthpiece and wand portion are usually made of glass and can be cleaned out every couple months with some vaporizer cleaner. The tubing can also be cleaned with many cleaners. It is best to replace your whip at least every few months for optimal use. Balloon bags cannot be cleaned and should be replaced after 125 uses.

Replacing Parts

Depending on the type of vaporizer you bought and its accessories it is necessary to always replace for new parts to continue optimal performance. Make sure you always follow cleaning instructions for longevity of all parts as well as the vaporizer. Wands, whips, screens, batteries, cartridges, mouthpieces are the few you should consider replacing.

What Attachments are Available to make Herbal Vaporizers Compatible with Concentrates?

There are optional accessories that can go with many herbal only vaporizers. Accessories compatible, varies on the brand of vaporizer you purchase.

Why isn't There any Smoke?

It depends on the temperature you have set. The optimal temperature is 335 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Try taking cigar pulls or sips from the vaporizer, you might get a better pull instead of taking a straight to the lung pull.

Color Of Your Herb?

Color of the herb should be lightly brown. This means the material is fully vaporized and can be recycled with new materials.

Size Of Your Clouds?

Size of your clouds depends on the temperature settings. Make sure they are set to the optimial temperature setting to get the best hits. If there are no temperature settings, try removing the screen that is on top of the heating element if you are not getting a big pull.

Why Aren't My Blends Turning To Ash?

Blends should never turn to ash when you are vaping, it would defeat the purpose of vaporization. If your blends are turning to ash, you are simply combusting the materials 'thus' -- smoking your material which is not vaping. To avoid combustion, make sure you properly follow directions or watch instruction videos on our Youtube page.

Pen Vaporizer Won't Turn On


How Loose Or Tight Should My Blends Be Packed In the Herbal Chamber?

With Most Vaporizer, it is recommended to loosely place the herbs within the heating chamber, this allows for better airflow and more efficient vaporization


Why Isn't My Discount Code Working?

There are Daily and monthly special discounts on various vaporizers. Some items aren't eligible for getting certain discounts due to manufacturers requirements. If you think there is a coupon that doesn't work, please contact customer support and we will help you.

When Will My Order Ship?

Your Order Should ship within 24-48 business hours. If your order is marked Fraudulent Order, this means we need to contact you to ensure no one has placed an unrecognized order on your card.

Where Are You Located

We are located in Orlando Fl, We have warehouses in Torrance, CA, Atlanta GA, Las Vegas NV, Clearwater FL.

I've Already Placed An Order, I just Found a Coupon Code, Can I Still Get This Discount?

Please Call Us or fill out the Contact Page, and we will help you out.

Do You Offer Free Shipping On International Orders?

We Cannot offer free shipping on international orders, we offer the best rates from UPS and USPS.

My Item I Purchase Offers "Free 1 Day Delivery". Do I still Need To Select That Option During Checkout?

No, when you checkout, it will automatically apply in checkout. If it doesn't work, please contact us

I'm Not Happy with My Vaporizer. Can I Return It?

Your Satisfaction is most important ot us. We are unable to accept returns for any used or open products, please call us or contact us so we can troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. One of our vaporizer experts will help guide you through the learning process and optimize your vaporization experience. Please visit our return policy.

If I Select Free Shipping, When Should I Expect My Package?

It takes 24-48 business hours to process your order into shipment. Generally, you will get your vaporizer within 2-4 days.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We Accept returns of all unused and unopened products for 30 days following receipt of your order. Ship it back to us for a full return. 15% restocking fee if item is used or open. All missing and broken items must be reported within 3 days of delivery. Visit or Return Policy Page for more information.

Do You Ship On Weekends?

If your package is shipped using USPS it may arrive on Saturday. All carries are closed on Sundays.