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Delivery Information at Ultimate Vaporizers

Processing Time

How to Get Same Day Shipping

When you submit your credit card into our AVS system, we do a fraud screening through your banking institute . Your billing address you provide us must match the address your banking institute gives us. Once your order is placed and it gives you a receipt marked as "Processing" This means our system has accepted your order. It will ship out the same day or next day. For Next Day Rush Processing, we may call to verify you aren't "SPEEDING". This means placing the right information quickly to speed the order before the bank, card holder / person you know that lives near you or at your household. This is something that may not always happen, but it has happened before. We may call you just to verify your order. Please provide the correct phone number.

Why It May Take Up To 48 Hours

It may take up to 48 hours to process your order before it ships. The only way it will take this long is if you provide an billing address that doesn't match your Banking address information. Our AVS system will mark your order as fraud. If this happens we will have to call you to verify your order. If your order is over $500 we will most likely call you to send a State ID card to us to verify you aren't committing fraud. Making sure you are the correct person that is on the credit card is very important. Following these guidelines, will complete the payment processing time.

Shipping Speed

Once your order has been marked as "ACCEPTED" we are beginning packaging your order. Your Package will update as "WAREHOUSE" when we have packaged your order. We will provide you with a tracking number once your order has been picked up or dropped off at a shipping location. Your order will be marked as "COMPLETE" when we ship your order out.

Customer Compliance

UltimateVaporizers is not responsible for packages marked in the shipping providers website as "DELIVERED" if you claim it isn't there. Once it is Delivered by the mail carrier, we are not responsible for the theft of your mail box or door step. If this has happened, please call 844-488-8273 or contact us visiting our contact page.

UltimateVaporizers Order Process

Here are the steps we take to make you aware of what's happening to your order

Processing - We are processing your order. In this step we simply screen the billing information to us to your banking information you provided your banking institute. We also take other steps to prevent fraud but this is the main step.

AcceptedThis means our system has accepted your order and it was verified by staff. We manually do this process. It is not instant or controlled by a bot.

Warehouse- Your order has been boxed up, labeled, and is awaiting USPS pick up.

CompleteYour package will be marked as complete when it is picked up by the shipping carrier.

Contact UsIf your order is marked contact us, we will call and text the number you provided. We will also send you an email notifying you of the problem with your order. If you don't respond to this, we will give you 72 hours before we refund your card. Sometimes this may happen if your address isn't available via GPS system even though it is a real address.

If your item arrived broken, please contact us. We will give you a label to send it back to us and ship out a new package. If you have any questions about your order, it may be available here, on Frequently Asked Questions or Visit our Return Policy page.

Updated 12-05-2017