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Many people don't really understand the difference between oil and e-liquid vaporizers. Many do know that an e-liquid vape pen is avoids many carcinogens compared to smoking cigarette products. There are to many different chemicals inside tobacco and many people are moving toward buying an e-liquid vape vs oil vape pen. This is the difference many people are unsure of. When it comes down to it, the benefits you read online are true but learning the differences between an e-liquid and oil vape may give you insight to exactly what you are going to pick when you want to vape out.

Difference Between E-Liquid Vapes

E-Liquid is a juice made out of chemicals to load inside of a vaporizer tank or cartomizer. E-juice produces vapor when the tank is connected to a battery. Most e-Juices use Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Distilled Water. These ingredients mix with flavoring and Nicotine which will contain different strengths depending on the type of e-juice you buy. PG is a organic compound producing thick vapor clouds. Most people like propylene glycol since it causes a throat hit to mimic a cigarette pull. Vegetable Glycerin is thicker which gives the vaper a smooth pull to mix wll with the PG to provide the effects of a cigarette for enjoyable vaping. Majority of e-Juices use a natural food flavoring that can be manipulated into many different flavors. You can buy custom vape juices online that have different mixes of Propylene Glycol (PG) vs Vegetable Glycerin (VG) to customize the vaping experience.

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Cigarette Smokers Love Buying E-Juice Online

E-juice vapes give the cigarette smoker a similar experience if the user is trying to quit smoking. E-juice usually contains nicotine, highly addictive ingredient seen in cigarettes. E-juice is purchased and sold in many different strengths of nicotine. Most buy e-juice vape material to quit or ween off of cigarettes which is a popular route to reducing cardiovascular damage compared to smoking a cigarette. E-juice vaporizers are the popular vape sold online. You can find e-juice vapes literally everywhere when your looking for a e-juice vaporizer.

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What is an Oil Vape Pen

e-Juice & Oil Vape pens contain a coil, cotton wick which gets heat from the coil inside an e-liquid or oil chamber. Finding out what is an oil vaporizer? Oil vaporizer is used for vaping oil. People use dry herbs for medical purposes to avoid combustion or smoking their dry herb material. Oil pens heat up just like the e-liquid vapes, oil pens have metal or steel heating plates that heat by the coil getting red hot which uses a conduction heating plate to reach hot temperatures. Vape pens contain a hot red hot coil will cause the oil to vaporize when using the vape pen for oil. Many people vape their hash oils or thick oil melted from a wax form inside a atomizer for the oil to properly vape inside. The Atomizer is the most important part of the oil vape pen. There are many different types of oil vape pen atomizers for sale online that you can further look into to find the best fit.

Buy Oil Vape or E-juice Vapes

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Finding the difference whether to buy oil vape or e-juice vape pen is now explained. No matter which type of vape pen you buy, you will end up investing in something to benefit your health. Oil vapes and e-juice vapes both have pros and cons just like any other product. You can reduce the amount you are smoking, increase the potency using your oil vape, or you will simply smoke more knowing that you think the vape may not cause any cardiovascular damage or even cancer. Using e-juice vapes many people get higher doses of nicotine causing you to become more reliant on the addictive substance which can be very dangerous. Controlling how much e-juice you vape or oils to dab or vape using your oil vape pen is all about self control. Finding the perfect oil vape pen is easy to find. E-juice vapes are everywhere, all you need to do is find the correct vaporizer and buy a vaping juice vaporizer for sale.