Haze Square Vaporizer is the first rotating quad chamber vaporizer to where you can vaporize all your materials by loading them all at the same time. It holds over 1 gram of materials in all 4 quad chambers. The Haze Square vaporizer can vape any material, wax, shatter, concentrates, oils, dry herb material, bho, or call it whatever you want. The Haze Square / Haze Square Pro are the ultimate vaporizers online.

We are going to break down exactly how the Haze Square vaporizer and Haze Square Pro vaporizer work step-by-step. Each and everything you learn will teach you how good the Haze Square Vaporizer for sale is.

Haze Square Design

Haze Square Exterior

Haze Square Pro / Haze Square Vaporizer is a compact vaporizer that is 3" short and weighs only 25 grams. It is a portable vaporizer that is versatile. It is built out of medical grade aluminum alloy housing. The Haze Square vaporizer is built to be able to easily palm the vaporizer when necessary. It has an easy grip that won't let you go. It comes in a unique black color for stealthy on-the-go vaping giving out no odors for anyone to know what you are doing. Haze Square vaporizer has stainless steel or glass mouthpiece. The top has two temperature adjustment buttons. You navigate to the different pre-set temperature settings. The Haze Square Pro allows you to be able to customize the pre-set temperatures. The Heating symbol indicates to you when the Haze Square is ready to vape. Haze square has a mouthpiece storage slot at the bottom of the vaporizer. The Square will easily fit inside your pocket without adding any extra bulk. The vaporizer has a USB Port and the Haze Square Pro has AC/Charging + USB-C charging.

Haze Square Vaporizer Interior

Haze Square Interior

Haze Square vaporizer twist to unlok the lid and you will have access to the inside of the vaporizer. You will see high quality copper platted heating coils. Each coil is made out of titanium metal. You can take out the loading tray by pressing the tab. There are four different material pods. Allowing you to fit the material loading lids on top; Silicone lid for concentrates and wax. Concentrate Pod for thick oil / concentrates, material pod for dry herb material.

Haze Square Performance

Haze Square vaporizer features on-demand heating. It uses haptic feedback heating and the haptic lightning feedback gives it the on-demand heating. The smart vaping features remembers the vaporizer's last heating settings used with the micro-processor. The advanced copper plated herbal chamber has ceramic loading pods. You get a flavorful, rich, potent vaping session any time you use the Haze Square vaporizer.

Haze Square Pro Vaporizer Performance Use

Difference between the Haze Square vaporizer and the Haze Square Pro vaporizer is the fact you can customly set the temperature settings to any temperature used. The vaporizer uses the best vaporization settings so you can get the highest quality vaping experience. Haze Square Pro allows you to fully customize the vaping session unlike the regular Haze Square vaporizer. The Haze Square Pro vaporizer can be charged both with an AC/Charger as well as a USB-C charger which means it can be compatible with your computer. You can also get updates downloading firmware updates from Haze Technologies website.

Haze Square Battery Charging

Haze Square Pro Charging

Haze Square vaporizer uses a 2600mAH output capacity allowing you to vaporize any of your materials lasting you all day. The Square Comes with AC/Charging cords to input inside the AC charging port. The Haze Square Pro Comes with both the AC/Charger and the USB-C charger and can charge your battery in 30 minutes. The Haze Square vaporizer back light will turn red when the Haze Square / Haze Square Pro need charging. Haze Squre vaporizer will auto-shutoff in 45 seconds of inactivity to preserve battery life.

Haze Square Vaporizer Temperature Heating & Technology

Haze Square vaporizer is a convection vaporizer with isolated air-pathway. Isolated heating means the heating pathway does not connect anywhere around the electronics. The heater is isolated in a specific location leveled to optimized the Haze Square experience. Haze Square chamber rotates to the specific heating pod you select. The Vortex Air-pathway will allow a hot tornado type of vortex straight to the heating chamber. The Haptic Feedback vibration technology will alert you when you need to charge the Square and when your vaporizer battery is low. The Lightning feedback provides you with instant heat. On-demand heating is best when you are out in public with no time to wait. There are Five different heating temperatures to use with the Haze Square vaporizer 335°F - Blue, 355°F Purple, 365°F Pink, 380°F Yellow, 410°F - Red. Haze Square Pro Vaporizer can have custom heating within any temperature range giving you precise vaping experience.

Using The Haze Square & Haze Square Pro

haze square materials pod

Step 1 - Rotate the lid lock over to the middle line to open up the lid of the Square and it will give you the material pods. - Remove Tray from lid using the interlocking tab that secures the tray in place - When you vape wax remove the silicone lid from the material pod and place a few dabs of concentrates directly on top of the concentrate pads. Secure Silicone lid back on to the material pod. - When you vaporize dry herb use the material pod and make sure you only fill 3/4 way full. Store dry herb inside the silicone lid to moisturize the material and keep it fresh if you want a loading area while on-the-go. - For liquids, Remove lid from material pod and place 6-8 drops of liquids onto the concentrate pad.

Material pod, concentrate pad, silicone lid #2 Place material pod back into the tray if you removed it while filling your materials.

#3 Secure the tray to inside the lid.

#4 Place lid onto the Haze Square and turn the Lid lock back to the vertical position

 Temperature adjustment buttons #5 Remove the mouthpiece from the bottom of the Haze Square vaporizer and insert int the air path at the top of the square next to the temperature adjusting buttons.

#6 Rapidly tap the Haze Square 3 ties to turn on/off.

- Make sure to check battery life by holding start button for 3 seconds. Back light will glow green if it is fully charged. If the back light is red it means it has 35% battery life left or less.

#7 Select the temperature by pressing the +/- buttons located near the mouthpiece

 - color tone of the back-light represents each temperature. Colors change blue to purple to pink to red. Blue indicates the lowest temperature while red is the highest.

Overall Review Of Haze Square / Haze Square Pro Vaporizer

Haze Square vaporizer is the ultimate and most versatile vaporizer ever made. It is only 3" short and will fit inside any pocket as it is a compact device to where you can palm it while no-one will know what you are doing as it is a discreet device. The Haze Square vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers for sale online. It is a high quality vaporizer you can buy online. It uses a micro-processor to remember the last settings use. With its haptic vibration, the Haze Square will alert you when your temperature settings has changed, when the battery is low and when the materials are switching to a different pod. The Haze Square vaporizer uses an AC/charging port while the Haze Square Pro vaporizer uses both the AC/charging port and the USB-C charging cord. The Haze Square vaporizer has 5 different temperature settings to select from while the Haze Square Pro vaporizer can set custom temperature settings to where you can completely customize your vaping session any time you want to use the Haze Square vaporizer. Haze Square vaporizer is compatible with loading and vaping any material; as it can vaporize herbs, wax, shatter, oils and concentrates. You can load all the materials inside the pod. You can also store your materials inside the silicone pods for keeping your material fresh, to use on-the-go. The Haze Square is now released and can be bought at UltimateVaporizers.com

Haze Square vaporizer is made by Haze Technologies as the original Haze Vaporizer 3.0 was released as a big success. Haze is now cashing in on its proto-type and has finally released the Haze Square and the Haze Square Pro after developing it for over 4 years. You Can Buy the Haze Square vaporizer online with us.