Coming into the new years 2018 vaporizers for sale has made this list. Relax, smooth vaporization grip as we compile that best list of vaporizer for sale 2018 has to offer as there are many new choices to buy a new vaporizer for sale in 2018 that everyone will be looking to buy a new device for herbal aromatherapy blends, wax botanical, and oil concentrates.

Small handheld pen vaporizers are 2018's biggest and most popular type of vaporizer for sale as new vape pen require very little effort. The best vape pens in 2018 are being invented, most with popular handheld vape pen devices that are now being built using the best, most highest quality atomizers. Dual threaded rod quartz crystal atomizers with small bits of Japanese cotton within the coil not exposing any of the cotton using this kind of quality atomizers that give for the best wax performance. Reading the best vaporizer guide of 2018, you will be able to see the best vaporizers for sale in each category.

2018 Best Portable Vaporizer For Sale

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Pax 3 Vaporizer

#1 Herb + Wax

The newest creation from Pax Labs being made is very important for those who vaporize all types of materials including oil, wax and herbal material. Pax 3 has even smarter features than the Pax 2. It has a larger bowl compacity that allows you to be able to vaporize twice as many material. You can put the wax cup inside the Pax to use your favorite wax material. This is a portable vaporizer that can do it all which is why 2018 will hold this portable vaporizer has one of the best to own in the world.

Pax 3 Herbal chamber

Pax 3 Only costs $199 for the regular maintenance-kit, charger with two mouthpiece. Pax 3 Complete kit costs $249 - it includes two replacement screens, oven tool, half over insert, concentrate tray, with a carrying case.

There are four different colors you can buy this advanced piece of technology, it comes with sleek, shinny, anodized outside metal with a matte finish gloss with many new features and 50% more battery power than its original version. The biggest upgrade for the Pax 3 is the fact that you can use an app on your smart phone to precisely control the temperature settings. Pax 3 has an all glass vaping path with a ceramic conduction heater. Users will never experience any type of combustion when using the Pax 3 vaporizer.

Pax 3 vaporizer App features

Blue-Tooth Technology

Using the Pax 3 vaporizer you can enable its mobile app to power the vaporizer controlling the entire vaporizer making precise efforts for vaping your favorite herbal material or wax concentrate. With the smart features, there is many different features that you can enable like the specific vaping sessions that rise its temperature increasing the heat to keep up with the amount of botanical left each time you pull vapor out of the Pax 3 vaporizer for sale.

Pax 3 App Features main interface for the pax 3 app

Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Davinci IQ vaporizer for sale

#2 Herbs + Wax

Davinci IQ portable vaporizer for sale is in the category as being one of the best portable vaporizers for sale in the world. The Davinci IQ vaporizer has so many different features that make this vaporizer a standout product comparing to any other vaporizer online. Design Of Davinci IQ

Davinci IQ LED lighting

Davinci IQ vaporizer has a compact, small design that uses a smooth & sleek anodized aluminum body with quality components inside the vaporizer to make vaping combustion free. With design dimensions of 1.65" W x 3.54" H x 0.94" D, this is the perfect size for a vaporizer to easily place in your pocket at under 4 inches. You can choose from Copper, Silver, Blue, or Black. It is rectangular in shape and similar style to the latest Galaxy S7 phone. There are air-flow vents to give the perfect pull when vaping. The LED lights will light up the current set temperature as you can precisely set to the preferred temperature using the blue-tooth app.

Davinci IQ Features

Davinci IQ Vaporizer has many added features comparing to its old version, the Davinci Ascent vaporizer. As the Davinci IQ uses blue-tooth technology making vaping a lot easier. Induction heating is one of the newest types of heating methods out there which the IQ utilizes to optimial performance.

Davinci IQ Advanced Features explaining each detail

Smart Vaporizer

the Davinci IQ vaporizer uses 4 different styles of smart path temperature settings. The Davinci IQ uses smart vaping technology giving you unique style of handling the vaping sessions of your vaporizer. With no hot spots since it uses induction heating, every part of the ceramic chamber uses even heating.

Davinci IQ APP

With Smart technology, it is very easy to see different metrics for the davinci IQ vaporizer. You can visually see the chamber capacity indication to let you know how much vaping you will be doing. Also tracks the past usage and different heating temperatures to start up at your preferred setting if you choose to allow the app.

Davinci Bluetooth Smart App

Davinci IQ Battery & Heating

Internal design of the IQ lies a smart-chip, the motherboard of the vaporizer also known as the "BRAIN". Smart Path Technology is a patent pending features controlling precise vaporization features. The Davinci IQ has a 18650 3500mAH lithium polymer battery which is removable. Charging takes less than two hours and you get an all day experience of vaping.

FireFly 2 Vaporizer

Buy Firefly 2 Vaporizer for sale portable vaporizer

#3 Herbs + Wax

FireFly 2 vaporizer for sale is one of the long awaited vaporizers for sale made to impress anyone that buys this device. IT is 55% lighter, and 33% smaller than its original predecessor that Firefly 1. This vaporizer uses customized temperature settings, with efficent quick battery charging making it an easy to use vaporizer.

FireFly 2 Features FireFly 2 vaporizer has temperature settings you can set using your finger tips with sensitive sensors with heating to reach up to 400° F in less than 3 seconds. Firefly 2 vaporizer also comes with an app using six pre-set temperatures and customize touch sensor activation. Precisely set the perfect temperature.

Firefly 2 Inside and outside design

FireFly 2 Design

Firefly 2 vaporizer usess beautiful borosilicate glass vaping path as well as a magnetic lid, loading and cleaning the vaporizer is quick. The mouthpiece also can be removed and contains a unique filter. FireFly 2 is only 5.1” x 1.4” x 0.95”, made out of magnesium alloy.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer full kit

Best Technology

The Firefly two uses a rechargeable/replaceable 7.4v Lithium ion battery. Dual capacities touch sensors make switching your temperatures quickly with FDA-foodsafe Triton Polymer material mouthpiece BPA-free. FireFly 2 uses six different pre-set profiles (340°, 360°, 380°, 400°, 420°F, and concentrates). You can also view the battery level and temperature set looking at the app or LED screen.

Firefly 2 App Features

2018 Best Vape Pens For Sale

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

Atmos Jump Full vape kit vape pen

#1 Herbs

Although the Atmos Jump vaporizer costs only $59, it is a very effective vaporizer which makes it the #1 selling vape pen in the world. This is a vape pen someone can use on-the-go, quickly, and everyone can afford the low price.

Atmos Jump Design

Atmos Jump vaporizer is made out of carbon-fiber material with silicone plastic sealing outside. Inside the vaporizer is an all ceramic glass chamber with ceramic vaping path so you won't taste anything but the purity of the botanical dry herb material inside the chamber.

Atmos Jump Mouthpiece Open for herbal chamber

Atmos Jump Features

Atmos Jump vaporizer has one specific pre-set temperature that is the perfect setting for vaping any type of dry herb material. Nothing is complex about the Atmos Jump, one of the simplistic vape pens on the market.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer For Sale

Atmos Jump Temperature & Battery

Atmos Jump vaporizer pen uses a 1200mAH lithium ion battery and uses a micro-USB charger. Its temperature heats up to 400°+ with that being dictated by the force of pull the consumer puts into it. With its vortex air-flow chambers, this enhances its original heating temperature to give you the most optimal performance.

Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer

Kandypens Gravity Vape Pen kit

#2 Wax / Concentrate

Kandypens Gravity is hands-down one of the best wax vaporizers for sale online to buy. It uses quartz crystal technology with a deep chamber capacity (.5 grams). Having an elevated air flow system makes for no clogs or leaks when vaping to taste the purity of the wax dab you have on its dual rod quartz crystal atomizer, or you can choose to attach the ceramic disc atomizer to vape with direct heating and easy cleaning.

Temperature & Battery

Kandypens Gravity has a temperature controlled battery with advanced heating settings and four different pre-set temperatures; (300°, 350°, 390°, 430°F). Each temperature setting is indicated with its own unique LED light. Battery is a 1200mAH lithium ion battery. Sandblasted Design Finish

Kandypens Gravity Vape Pen

Kandypens Gravity has Sandblasted design unlike any other vapor pen out there. It has a sleek, gloss material for protecting the sandblasted design and is small enough to fit inside your pocket. With a few presses of the power button will help you navigate the four different temperatures. You also get a glossy mouthpiece with lifetime warranty on its battery.

Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer Design

KandyPens Atomizers

Kandypens Gravity atomizers

Coming with the kandypens Gravity is two different coils. One is a coil-less ceramic chamber and the other is a dual titanium rod quartz crystal atomizer. Quartz crystal material is best with wax since the glass never gets hot, preserving your botanical after you finish a pull without any combustion.

Kandypens Gravity vaporizer quartz crystal atomizer

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

Dr Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Kit

Dr. Dabber Aurora vape pen is considered to be one of the best wax dabbing vape pens in the industry. Its original version, Dr. Dabber Ghost put this brand on the map with its success as Dr. Dabber finally released its bread and butter, Dr. Dabber Aurora.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Features

Dr. Dabber Aurora has many features most vape pens lack. Its best feature is the SnapTech magnetic technology for the atomizers, battery and mouthpiece, which securely fits without leaking. Included is 3 different quality atomizers as well as 3 different temperature settings and voltage settings.

Dr. Dabber Design

Dr. Dabber has a simple, sleek design which makes it the perfect wax vaporizer to use on the go. 3 x 4.5 x 6.25 in dimensions fit perfect in your pocket without ever leaking. The LED lights indicate the different temperature levels you want to set if you are taking the Aurora to another vaping level.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Description

Dr. Dabber Aurora Battery & Heat Settings

Dr. Dabber Aurora uses 3 different temperature settings which will take the vaping experience to a whole other level including the fact your can adjust the variable voltage settings. Battery is a 1200mAH Lithium ion battery, only taking 1.5 hours to fully charge, and an all day vaping experience that lasts.

Dr Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Atomizers

Dr. Dabber Aurora Atomizers

Dr. Dabber Aurora has 3 different atomizers which gives you lots of range in choosing the viscosity of the wax/concentrate material you want to vaporize. The Dual Quartz Rod atomizer is best with liquid wax material at a temperature setting set to the 3rd setting with 2nd level voltage. Ceramic Halo vaporizer is best used with hard wax material, this is the atomizer where you taste every bit of purity, let alone easy to clean. Dual ceramic Rod atomizer is for the waxy-oily material using second temperature and 3rd voltage settings to dab to its elevated level.

2018 Best Desktop Vaporizers for Sale

Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer

Easy Vape v5 Vaporizer Kit

#1 Herbs

Easy Vape v5 desktop vaporizer for sale is one of the top whip-style vaporizers on the net. The cheap price of less than $80 make it an intriguing buy for many vapers, let alone its digital interface. The heating chamber is ceramic heating element, heat up time is less than 30 seconds as this is a hands-free convection heating vaporizer. Digital LCD interface make setting the desired temperature easy for beginners.

Easy Vape v5 Vaporizer Kit whip

Easy Vape 5 Design

Easy Vape 5 is a box style designed whip-style desktop vaporizer. Outside material is poly-carbonate material as it uses an advanced ceramic heating rod chamber. The long 6 foot cord makes it easy to vape in any location indoors. You get an 18mm hands free glass wand and its comes with a 30" surgical grade tubing with a glass mouthpiece and stainless steel screen.

Easy Vape v5 Vaporizer Kit colors

Easy Vape 5 Temperature & Heating

Easy Vape v5 vaporizer features a vaping timer along with the set temperature setting as well as the current temperature setting. Easy Vape 5 has a temperature range of 200° - 400°F giving you plenty of range to experiment with. The herbs go inside the glass whip, connecting into the heating rod to vaporize flawlessly.

Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer kit

#2 Herbs + Wax

Made by Storz & Bickel, the Volcano vaporizer comes in a dial form - digital form with one of the highest prices in the industry. Volcano is made by German manufacturers that know exactly what high quality is. It is assembled with care and quality, using the finest materials a vaporizer can possibly use.

Volcano Vaporizer Design

Volcano Classic Vaporizer is designed with a dial analog to precisely set the desired temperature. With the volcano Classic vaporizer, there's no LED settings which makes for less of a risk of technology defaulting using this well built vaporizer made over 10 years ago.

Volcano Vaporizer Classic

Volcano Digital Vaporizer uses LED screens and is set using a +/- button using Precise Digital Temperature Control (104° - 446°F) that gives you more options than the Volcano Classic. With this vaporizer also includes an LED light that tells you when it is heating, when the temp controls are set, and when it is producing air using its air convection heating technology.

Volcano vaporizer uses a high-performance heating element made out of borosilicate glass, the strongest made hand-blown glass that is nearly indestructible. Volcano Vaporizer has an advanced diaphragm pump and a vapor bag deliver system that comes with two different packages; the Easy Valve set and the Solid Valve set.

Easy Valve vs Solid Valve

Volcano Easy Valve Kit

Easy Valve vaporizer set for the volcano includes 5 easy valve balloons where everything is already set up. The high-grade plastic will hold vapor for over 10 hours. This set is ideal for a vaping beginner.

Solid Valve Set comes with more parts the user has to set up. The main benefit is the customization of the balloon bags to where you can make the balloon bag of up to 10 feet. This vapor bag delivery system is one of the best in the industry and is ideal for advanced users.

Volcano Solid Valve Kit

Volcano Vaporizer Features

With the Volcano Digital vaporizer has a large digital LED display. This vaporizer comes with quality German engineering with quality parts like the Advanced Diaphragm. Its trusted and proven make is the best in the industry and it uses a high performance heating element. Digital Temperature settings is Precise Digital Temperature Control (104° - 446°F) while the Volcano Analog is Precise Analog Dial Temperature Control (266° - 446°F). If you have the budget, the Volcano Digital vaporizer is the best to use since the heating settings are more precise comparing to the Volcano Classic Analog vaporizer.

Volcano Vaporizer Schematics Details

Da Buddah Vaporizer

Da Buddah Black Kit

Da Buddah vaporizer is a quality vaporizer made in the USA by a company called 7th floor which is the maker of the popular Silver Surfer and its mega Super Surfer desktop module. 7th floor company is king at making the best whip/balloon bag desktop vaporizers in the industry which is exactly why the Da Buddah vaporizer fits perfectly into the lineup as one of the best desktop vaporizer in 2018. It holds its title for over 7 years and counting as consumers are becoming more brand aware and savvy with the specific types of vaporizers desired.

Da Buddah Black Kit

Da Buddah Vaporizer Design

Da Buddah Vaporizer is made using quality crafter aluminum material that uses reliable ceramic heating element and a glass-on-glass elements to ensure superior performance with the best vapor production. Using ground glass connects, the Da Buddah vaporizer makes for the best hands free unit which requires no hands as the Da buddah can be used hands-free. Da Buddah comes with a 3 foot Vinyl tubing, ground glass hands free wand, glass mouthpiece and an SSV stir stick. You also get a free padded storage bag when purchasing this vaporizer through . Da Buddah vaporizer has dimensions of 7.85 x 11.75 x 13.25 in, and weighs 3 lbs.

Da Buddah Vaporizer Inside

DaBuddah Heating

Da Buddah vaporizer uses analog heating with temperature range of 314°F to 428°F giving you plenty of room to customize the vaping setting needed to accomplish the perfect, at-home vaping session. Heating reach within maximum temperatures within 2-3 minutes and takes about 8 seconds for strong vapor density.

Da Buddah Vaporizer kit Glass whip

Da Buddah Vaporizer Features

setting the Da Buddah vaporizer up is very easy to use after reading the guide that is included with your purchase, especially if you are savvy enough to research on "how to use Da Buddah vaporizer" on any video site. Inserting the glass wand into the heating rod is the first step as you load the herbs inside the glass wand. Connect the 3ft Vinyl tube and then the glass mouthpiece completes its set up process. Next is setting the analog dial to the temperature desired and waiting a few minutes to experience one of USA's finest vaporizers made by 7th floor.

Da Buddah Silver Vaporizer

2018 Best Vaporizer Guide Review

After reading this advanced guide word for word will really set your mind with what the best vaporizers in the world at today's modern time looks like and the things you should look into. Buying cheap vape pens or any type of vaporizer may be a careless mistake until you stumble upon a very detailed guide written at the Ultimate vape store in the world. With a wide range is portable, desktop, and vape pens, we carry the best vaporizers in the world.