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Vaporizer Backorder Credit Program

We have a special back-order program that is designed to credit your your account every 7 days. The Back-order Program is only available for order that say "Please Contact Customer Service" or products marked under "Out Of Stock" or "Back-order" . This order saves you 4.7% per week (.67% per day) credited back to your account on a weekly basis. Each Credit back will be paid on a weekly basis. Credits stop as soon as we update your account with tracking number so your order will complete once it ships.

Why Choose Back-order Credit Program?

Understanding that no one on the internet has this device, our back-order program would be the most logical solution for something you want to buy anyways. When it comes down to ordering a vaporizer, it is always important to take advantage of programs like the "Vaporizer Back-order Credit Program" only at where we pay you to reserve a vaporizer for when it hits the market. It guarantees and ensures you get a vaporizer as many of the vaporizers will be sold out instantly from all the back-orders placed already. takes pride in giving you the best vaporizer buying experience. We have 24/7 customer service chat always available for you to ask questions to a vaping expert with at least 5+ years of experience.

Take advantage of the "Vaporizer Back-order Credit Program" and get free 2 day shipping plus a free 4 piece grinder or accessory for your specific vaporizer kit. Saving 4.7% per week can add up to 18.8% per month.

If you use one of our 10% off coupon codes and buy a Firefly 2 vaporizer for $283 you already save $28.30 when you add on the 18.8% Per month using the "Vaporizer Back-order Credit Program" you save $47.88 . Adding up the savings $283 - $28.3 = $254.70 - $47.88 = $206.82 For a grand total of $76.18 in overall savings simply reserving the vaporizer you want to buy for sale.

Remember placing a vaporizer on back-order means the vaporizer has not hit the market yet, or we don't have it in stock at the moment but we expect to get it soon. Taking advantage of the "Vaporizer Back-order Credit Program," would be the best thing to invest in when you buy a new vaporizer for portable name brand vaporizers, desktop name brand vaporizers, and name brand vape pens for sale. Vaporizer Back-order Credit Program Rules, Terms & Conditions

- when you place the back-order your credit starts the same day.

- This means we give you the benefit and we get billed (you get credited) by counting the same day you placed an order. You will notice in your bank account a credit of 4.7% off the price you paid for the vaporizer every 7 days. (shipping costs are not counted in the program) This means we have credited you the vaporizer savings through the Vaporizer Back-order Credit Program.

- If your vaporizer ships before the 7 day Credit cycle, your credits will be calculated on a day by day credit of .67% per day. You will be credited the day it ships. You can choose to use the credits in our NEW REWARDS PROGRAM. By stashing them in your account to buy different items for the vaporizer that is on back-order. Instead of getting a credit back to your financial institution, you can choose to use the credits for buying another vaporizer, accessories, add-on, extras, or anything we sell online.

About The Vaporizer Back-order Credit Program has come up with a solution for everyone on all ends to be happy. There is no company in the industry that has a vaporizer back-order credit program making us unique for rewarding our customer  to wait for the vaporizer they already paid for. This program has been thought of by our staff in order to make our customers want to wait for their vaporizer. We feel this is fair for us holding your money and in return, we pay you back an interest for holding your money. This is a great method to hold your money where the customer is happy end the end. . It has so far become one of our most popular reward program to have customer save lots of money when buying the rare name brand vaporizer that no one else has, hasn't been released, or a vaporizer that is out of stock.

If you feel like you need more information please contact us at 1-844-488-8273(VAPE) or Go on our chat to talk to our experienced experts. You may also email us by going to the contact us page.