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Best Vaporizer Affiliate Program

Average order is $206 which brings plenty of oppourtunity for anyone to make money selling vaporizers for sale. Ultimate Vaporizers Affiliate program is turning regular people into millionaires. When it comes down to buying the best vaporizers for sale online, making money selling vaporizers is a great opportunity for anyone looking to profit big cash online. Buying new vaporizers for sale can help boost the revenue to your affiliate network. We approve anyone who has a valid social media page, website or blog url that is within the MJ industry and is related to this program only.  Even though the affiliate pay is 12% per sale, we can work with better discounts for anyone looking to sell vaporizers online. You will have a better chance at selling new vaporizers online instead of your account show a goose egg all day. With vaporizer affiliate program, we can ensure the highest conversion ratio if you send high quality traffic to our website.

How Does It Work?

Once you get approved, all you have to do is copy./paste your affiliate link and connect it to your website. You can use our banners and pictures to monetize your website or you can find your own online once you get approved to the vaporizer affiliate program. Once your account reaches $100 you will be able to cash out using multiple ways to checkout online.  Our affiliate commissions are different per program started so you will see that we offer the best discounts for anyone trying to sell or buy vaporizers online.

Real-Time Statistics and Reports!

Log in anytime to check your performance with data of sales, traffic generated and your commission balance. You have real-time statistics to track your performance instantly. We have the most intuitive software online to use so you can accurately sell vaporizers online and make money doing so.

Pay Per Click Program

Our PPC (Pay Per Click) program may be the right thing for you to use if you generate a lot of traffic and want to earn a steady amount per click. We offer the highest amount of payouts per click depending on the quality traffic you deliver.

Digital Footprint

Even if customer deletes his regular cookies, we embed flash cookies as well as computer hash footprints to embed permanetly for up to a year inside of the browser used for each customer. This means if your visitor has a new IP and new cookies, you will still get the sale if converted for up to 1 year time.